GRCN Connecting Comunities

Using the Arts to Create Behavioral and Social Change

GRCN Connecting Communities is a nonprofit (501C3) whose mission is to assist schools, community based organizations and businesses with addressing social issues that negatively impact the quality of life in our society.

Last year our agency serviced over 1,000 youth and families. The uniqueness in our approach is that we use the power of performing arts and media to motivate our youth towards positive change.

As you know the media is the most powerful tool used to sway the opinions of our children.

Our goal is to use this medium to allow students to express themselves in a positive

fashion while building self-esteem.

Our 8 week workshops addresses self-expression, self-definition, family values, community issues, importance of scholastic achievement and improved overall cultural understanding.

Students will also learn stage presence, voice projection and industry terminology.

At the end of their training youth will broadcast on our radio station (The Grassrootstalks Show) and talk about issues and topics that affect quality for all. Show consist of : Song, Rap, Acting, Talk, Hosting, Engineering, Marketing

Up and Coming Programs. The purpose of the Flash Backs Institute will offer a multicultural vocational training center that will serve as a training facility primarily for emancipated young adults from the foster care and group home system and for young displaced veterans. Students will be taught: culinary arts; script writing; directing and producing a full theatrical production, set building, costume designing, acting, and voice, etc. After the students have mastered their area of expertise, they will showcase their learning with a state of the art dinner theatre production.

Flash Back Institute is a vocational training center designed to serve former foster care youth that have aged out of of the system and are at risk of being homeless. because they lack the skills to be productive Flash Back Institute offers an opportunity to learn life skills and a trade to become self sufficient and productive.  

                               Welcome to GRCN Connecting Communities