GRCN Connecting Comunities

Using the Arts to Create Behavioral and Social Change

GRCN Connecting Communities is a nonprofit (501C3) whose mission is to assist schools, community based organizations and businesses with addressing social issues that negatively impact the quality of life in our society.

Last year our agency serviced over 1,000 youth and families. The uniqueness in our approach is that we use the power of performing arts and media to motivate our youth towards positive change.

As you know the media is the most powerful tool used to sway the opinions of our children.

Our goal is to use this medium to allow students to express themselves in a positive fashion while building self-esteem.

Our 8 week workshops addresses self-expression, self-definition, family values, community issues, importance of scholastic achievement and improved overall cultural understanding.

Students will also learn stage presence, voice projection and industry terminology.

At the end of their training youth will broadcast on our radio station (The Grassrootstalks Show) and talk about issues and topics that affect quality for all. Show consist of : Song, Rap, Acting, Talk, Hosting, Engineering, Marketing

Did you know that over 10,000 youth are living on the streets in most major cities around the world.  When I heard this I was simply floored. After getting over my shock and amazement I started doing my research to find out what or f anything was being done about this tragedy.

I spoke to a Dr. Allen L. Brown from the US who represented an organization called GRCN Connecting Communities. What he shared with me was mind blowing. He stated that many of the homeless youth were former foster care clients. He said that many people make thousands of dollars off them while they are in the system often becoming millionaires.

Unfortunately as he continued to speak he informed me that once they age out of the court system, over 85% of them end up living on the streets in less than a year. When I asked him how could this happen he dropped his in shame for his country. He looked at me and said that if this city state or country was a corporation and that type of success rate that the executives would all be fired.

After venting his frustration he shared with a concept that he and group of college students had come up with to address this dilemma. The project they came up with would be designed to address several issues all at once. With a great deal of reservation I felt compelled to inform him that there were already shelters, social program as well as vocational training centers.  That’s when he showed me something that I had to share with you.

He first talked about the greatness of America and the many men and women who came here from all over the world and contributed to it’s greatness. He said that this country needed to be reminded of its greatness from time to time and it should be done through theater. So I had to ask what did that have to do with our children. This when he reminded me that back in the day there we no social programs. The community took care of it’s own. Many of those less fortunately went on to do great things in this country. And then he said the words that I will never forget “Flash Back Academy”.

He said Flash Backs Academy will be a state of the art training center and dinner theater that will use theater to highlight the greatness of the American, history, culture and art. During the shows audiences take part in a trip through time to periods where America made their mark in the world. Flashbacks will offer exotic meals during the performance highlighting many of most defining moments in history. 

While living in on site build to serve over 500 students they will live safely while being taught: culinary arts; script writing; directing and producing a full theatrical production, set building, costume designing, acting, and voice, media production and more.

After graduations they will have improved self-esteem, a bank account and their own place to live. This is what our politicians should have been providing but I guess it was not important enough. Well it seems to be important to GRCN Connecting Communities and to you to at least look at what we are going to "Secure Our Childrens Future".

Our programs are made possible because of caring individuals and agencies who are like minded.  Here are a list of our sponsors:

ABC Learn

Edison International

Professor Mario Cavolo

B & I Group Home

Pennacle Foundation

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